How to Stay Motivated to train and eat right consistently

Jul 1st, 2014

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How to Stay Motivated to train and eat right consistently

There seems to be a misconception amongst some bodybuilders that the latest new supplement, diet, exercise is the “secret” big thing that will skyrocket their results launching their physique to a higher level.  Sure, some advancements can be found due to technological advances producing improved strategies but the way you handle the level of motivation, the inevitable challenges, and your emotional state will have a far greater impact on your success than any training, nutrition, supplementation strategies. The role of emotions is often disregarded by many bodybuilders.

Make no mistake about the fact that your mind leads your body. Much of my success as a competitive natural, drug-free bodybuilder, my continued performance in the gym, and my success as a businessman is due to the way I have controlled my mental state over the years.

Motivation is an individual thing. What works for somebody else doesn’t necessarily mean it will work for you. It’s up to you to find what works for you. Most things will work short-term yet you are after the holy grail of motivational tips, you need to find what works long term. From my years of coaching and training competitive bodybuilders this is what I have discovered works to help you stay motivated to train and eat right … for the long term.

1. Record your progress as it will help you long-term to find out what works for you and what doesn’t. Record your workout and max lifts. Not only will you want to beat your old records, it should help identify any plateaus early on.
2. Record your daily eating and calorie intakes as well as the protein, carb and fats. This also will help identify any plateaus early on.
3. A visual progression record to keep your mind focused. A picture of when you first started along side a current photo. Every 3 months or so take some photos using the popular bodybuilding poses. These are great poses to show the muscle mass you have and make it easier to notice the small changes in your muscular development.
4. Motivation posters that have phrases or poetry to remind you of what you are working towards or you could also post up a picture of someone who inspires you or you aspire to be. Remember your why – do you have a goal in a focus? A competition or a special event? Get your hands on a copy of the comp poster as soon as they become available, hold it, touch it, see it.
5. Stay positive, watch your thoughts and your words. Your ears are listening to the words you speak out loud, and in silent moments to only yourself.
6. Be patient – Results don’t come overnight. It will take around a month or two to really start seeing some results. In the long run it will be well worth it. But you must be mentally strong to continue a workout regimen. Trust the process.
7. Make realistic goals, stick to them, then make new ones – Make sure the goals you make are realistic to you, not your mate, YOU! If you do this you will find that you will find it easier to stick to them, actual reach them, and all at the same time feel good about yourself and want to push yourself harder towards your next goals.
8. Let everyone know you are eating healthy – May sound obvious but if people know you’re not supposed to be eating detrimental, foods then you are less likely to cheat in their company. Without lecturing or boring them, tell people what foods you can eat, and foods that you are staying away from. Anyone real will support you in your mission.
9. Change things when you get bored – I find this one very helpful, for diet and workouts. If I ever find I’m getting bored of my diet or my workout I’ll just change things around and make it more interesting which will make me want to continue and stay motivated.
10. Celebrate your wins along the way. High fives, or happy dancing is still a valid way to be celebrate. If you doubt me, then why do professional sportspeople do them after scoring a try? Treat Yourself.Once I treated myself to a pair of weight-lifting gloves and straight away I couldn’t wait to use them. This works with everything bodybuilding based.

Mick Moss | VIP Fitness - World Bodybuilding Champion, Trainer, Coach, Muscle Architect

Mick Moss

Mick Moss

Mick Moss has established himself a leader in the bodybuilding world with his outstanding physique and by teaching his effective training philosophies for over 20 years. He is the 2001 World Natural Champion and Australian Champion. He has trained many bodybuilding champions.
Mick Moss

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