Top 10 things bodybuilders can do to avoid a cold this winter

Jul 6th, 2014

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Top 10 things bodybuilders can do to avoid a cold this winter

How often have you found yourself experiencing great progress with your training only to lose your gains due to falling ill with a dreaded virus during winter? Athletes and individuals following an intense training regime can inadvertently compromise their immune system, combined with this the increased concentrations of nasty viruses present during winter can often or not leave you at a higher risk of falling ill

We recently spoke with MARK McENTYRE from ELITE HEALTH SUPPLEMENTS about how to survive the winter, stay training, and healthy.  We all know that an ounce of prevention is better than any cure. Prehab is critical for longevity in the gym. If you’re injured, you can’t train. If you can’t train, you can’t make progress, which means your muscle-gaining efforts are halted or worse – you start losing hard earned muscle mass. It’s the same situation with being sick. If you’re sick, you can’t train and make progress.

Best immune boosting supplements

Your immune system is critical to staying healthy and fighting off bugs and germs.

  • Vital Greens – This phyto-nutrient superfood would have to be one my all-time favourite products due to its comprehensive list of 76 vital ingredients working synergistically to provide a number of benefits including: probiotic support, nervous system support, alkalizing the body, liver support, anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals and of course immune boosting support.
  • Nutralife Vitamin C – There have been many articles published in regards to the benefits of Vitamin C including its ability to boost immune function, reduce oxidative stress caused by intense training and assisting in muscle recovery post workout. It’s possible to obtain Vitamin C from your diet however only utilizing this option can be challenging due to the high concentrations of Vitamin C required whilst participating in high intensity training, for this reason I always ensure I consume no less than 4000mg of Nutralife Vitamin C per day (Women I suggest at least 2000mg per day)
  • Nutralife Zinc – Very important for boosting your immune system, consume as directed
  • Fusion Astra 8 – This product contains many herbs shown to boost your immune system including the potent herb Astragalus (Very popular)

Supercharge your immune system

  • Adequate Sleep – Ensuring you get between 6 to 8hrs sleep per night
  • Avoid overtraining – Listen to your body, therefore if you are starting to feel tired or run down don’t be scared to take a couple of days off
  • Reduce Stress – Evidence has shown increased levels of stress can compromise your immune system
  • Keeping warm – Common sense applies here; additionally avoid walking out of a gym post workout hot and sweaty into the cold air so as to avoid the risk of a cold chill
  • Sanitizing – This is one area I think we could all apply more effort, for example ensuring you wipe down gym equipment with sanitizing wipes prior to use, additionally always placing your towel on gym equipment prior to use to create a barrier between any viruses that may be present, also ensuring general hygiene is addressed if forced to use a public toilet, a common breeding ground for a number of nasty viruses

You’re sick – but should you take time away from the gym?

It depends on the severity of your condition. Sometimes exercise can be “just what the doctor ordered,” but you also run the risk of slipping even further into a catabolic state and losing precious strength and muscle mass. A good rule of thumb is if you have body aches, fever, and an overall feeling like the Grim Reaper is waiting for you to check out, then listen to your body and opt out of training that day (or the next couple of days – usually the last thing you want to hear right?)

Wrap Up

Prevention is the key when it comes to staying healthy this winter. Sickness sucks, but so does losing your strength and your gains. Take these steps and say good riddance to your winter cold and flu. Prevention is the key when it comes to staying healthy this winter.

If you want to buy any of the supplements that Mark has suggested, visit any of the EHS stores, or online, and mention this article.  The EHS team will look after you.  They really know supplements.

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The number one rule this winter is LISTEN TO YOUR BODY.

Mick Moss | VIP Fitness - World Bodybuilding Champion, Trainer, Coach, Muscle Architect

Mick Moss

Mick Moss

Mick Moss has established himself a leader in the bodybuilding world with his outstanding physique and by teaching his effective training philosophies for over 20 years. He is the 2001 World Natural Champion and Australian Champion. He has trained many bodybuilding champions.
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