About VIP Fitness personal training

Reclaim your health, fitness & physique sensibly.  Train with the World Champion, become one

1Strength Training

Build functional muscle, correct imbalances, lose fat, optimize your nutrition to improve your physique, reach peak performance in the gym, on the sporting field, and symmetry on stage.

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2Fat Loss

Stop the madness. Everything you’ve been told about weight loss is wrong. No more low carb, restrictive diets and endless training. Fire up your metabolism. Smarter not harder.

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3Comp Coaching

Work with a Coach who understands how important mindset is to break through the emotional & psychological barriers that are holding you back, limiting your effectiveness and performance

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4Fitness Events

Presenting educational workshops on Nutrition & Supplements and Posing that will maximise your onstage performance. 2014 ANB Central Coast Natural Physique Championships

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What does VIP stand for?


Before I tell you about VIP Fitness, answer these simple questions.  When was the last time you felt important in your own life … let alone in the outside world?

As you know, VIP stands for VERY IMPORTANT PERSON.  And that’s you! You are important.  It makes no sense to waste your time on minor things and small goals.  You deserve to live the life of your dreams.  Change your body, change your life is not just a saying at VIP Fitness, it’s a way of life.  It is our guiding principle.

Have you ever been dissatisfied with your training results?  Ever wondered how other people get the body, do the things, live an empowered life that you desire?  Stop wasting your hard earned money on the magic pills, the endless promises of rapid weight loss and gaining the body that fill the magazine pages, that leave you feeling disappointed, and slowly getting fatter.



The conventional advice that we’ve all been told for years has failed.  The truth is there is no secret, no magic pill that will transform your body into a lean muscle machine within a few weeks. You don’t need to suffer unbearable diets of restrictive low calories and no carbs.  No more starvation diets.  No more slogging out the endless hours of cardio daily.  There is a better way, a smarter way.


THE MADNESS ENDS HERE! Common sense approach, realistic goals, sustainable lifestyle changes begin here.

VIP Fitness Personal Training is exactly that …. personal.  Training for your body, heart and head.  It is all about you, for your life, not just your body, making you a VIP in your life, and ours.  That’s the VIP Fitness way.

VIP Fitness Personal Training has partnered with the Impact Fitness Megacentre at Erina on the beautiful NSW Central Coast.  Training the VIP Fitness  way utilising the Megacentre of fitness catering for all generations, offering start-of-the-art training options.

Free Weights   Pin-loaded Machines   Kettlebells   Crossfit   TRX Suspension   Boxing   Group Classes

VIP Fitness  trainers work with their clients on scheduled appointments between the hours of : Monday to Friday – 7am to 7pm only


VIP Fitness Trainers run Group Classes in conjunction with the Impact Fitness MegaCentre – Bootcamps, Strength & Toning, Boxing. Please check with the Impact Centre for Scheduled Times.

Xtreme Kids Training sessions to commence soon. If you can’t wait, then contact us for more information.

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