Mick Moss

Mick Moss


Train one-on-one with the Legend, the trainer of Champions

Mick Moss is considered the guru of bodybuilding and strength training on the NSW Central Coast. He has been a competitive athlete since a young age playing football mainly.  To gain the edge, he started weight training for strength and size.  This started an ongoing love affair with weight training.  As he saw results his passion grew until he decided to try competitive bodybuilding.  Self taught with training techniques, nutrition and supplements, in 2001 he competed in Italy to win the World Bodybuilding Championship.  Following his international success, he completed a rare double a few months later when he won the Australian Overall Championship as well.

His PASSION for the sport has resulted in Mossy researching nutritional science and biomechanics, and his Master Trainer qualifications to empower his training results.  He has trained many top level athletes as well as non-athletes who just want the edge.  His DRIVE for health and fitness has resulted in assisting many people lose bodyfat reactivating tired metabolisms, reclaiming their self respect and confidence to lead successful,happy and balanced lives.  His MISSION is educate people on whole foods and proper training for health and strength.  Yoyo dieting, fad diets, starvation diets all damage your metabolism.  This damage can be take years to repair.  He wants to end dieting, calorie counting, endless cardio and all the other myths for YOU so you take back control, restore your body, confidence and performance in love and life.

One-on-One Personal training with Mossy gives you the know-how and the results you’ve been looking for. You will finally see the progress that you’ve wanted for so long. Mick is the expert at identifying patterns that may limit your results and progress. Mick is world renowned for his many innovative  coaching and training techniques, competition preparation, as well as his ability to develop top quality effective training programs for his clients.


Peace of Mind to Guide You Through

People who have set workout appointments with a trainer are more likely to be consistent with their workout program and this commitment produces much better results. Mick  has contributed to numerous books on training and travels over the country to lecture on fitness, and prepare competitors. He is a scholar in exercise science, biomechanics and mindset. Mick has the rare ability to apply his knowledge on an individual basis for each and every client. He is the trainer’s trainer and assists many top level trainers on a continuing basis.  He prefers to work at grassroots level with people.

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