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Aug 10th, 2014

Category: Competitons
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How to Qualify for your ANB Australia Pro Card

The lastest instruction released by the ANB Australia for pro card qualification reads: UFE | ANB Tier System The following is the ANB qualification criteria to compete at the UFE World Titles each year. All shows except for the Australian Championships Overall winners (Figure & Bodybuilding) qualify to compete in the UFE World Championships Elite […]

Jul 9th, 2014

Category: emotional
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How to have the best life

To have the best life and expect more than we deserve is a choice.  A choice that we make deep inside our hearts by overriding our emotions and thinking. By thinking of the past and bringing on the if, what or why emotions destroys our peace. Use the past to help others.  Get wisdom from […]

Jul 6th, 2014

Category: Nutrition
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Top 10 things bodybuilders can do to avoid a cold this winter

How often have you found yourself experiencing great progress with your training only to lose your gains due to falling ill with a dreaded virus during winter? Athletes and individuals following an intense training regime can inadvertently compromise their immune system, combined with this the increased concentrations of nasty viruses present during winter can often […]

Jul 4th, 2014

Category: strength training
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Improve your Strength and lifts with one simple thing

Get your setup right for any standing or seated exercise, and you will improve your strength and lifts. It’s that simple. Here’s how: Make sure that your feet are properly planted, firmly and positioned right. Think of your feet being cemented to the floor. Your weight needs to be evenly placed on both feet. They […]

Jul 1st, 2014

Category: Mental
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How to Stay Motivated to train and eat right consistently

There seems to be a misconception amongst some bodybuilders that the latest new supplement, diet, exercise is the “secret” big thing that will skyrocket their results launching their physique to a higher level.  Sure, some advancements can be found due to technological advances producing improved strategies but the way you handle the level of motivation, […]

Jun 30th, 2014

Category: emotional
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How to easily climb any mountains we face with a fit heart

Sometimes when flat days rear up in your heart and emotions peak.  Speak to yourself you rather just want to feel highly motivated 24/7. As you dig deep and look inside your heart and mind you might find some negative thoughts or emotions that need to be thrown clearly out of that window. But that’s […]

Jun 26th, 2014

Category: emotional
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Vale a good friend

With a heaviness in my heart I have to say goodbye to a great friend and mate Ronnie this week.   Many people who were at my previous studio at Wyoming would be aware of Ronnie.  He was a regular visitor to the gym, and quite a character.  He was a little different, but he […]