2015 ANB Central Coast Natural Physique Championships

Saturday 26 September 2015. Impact Centre at Erina. One show format, Optional routines. Female Swimsuit and Fitness Models.  Male Fitness Models.  Female Bodybuilding and Figure. Male Bodybuilding

Mick Moss is a passionate personal trainer and coach with many years experience training and preparing competitors to his credit. His mission is to spread the word on health and fitness to all people – healthy mind, mind and heart.

He is always seeking innovation in training methodologies, keeping up to date with the latest in nutrition and supplementation, and delivering the latest information to his clients and the local fitness communities. Partnering with only the best people, he has introduced practical posing workshops where competitors are given practical competition posing advice that adheres to federation standards, and educates competitors to present their physiques in the best way possible. This year he seeks to destroy the myths and lies in nutrition and supplementation that hinder progress and risk people’s metabolisms and health.

He has been promoting the ANB Central Coast competition for a decade as a way for the Central Coast bodybuilding competitors to compete in a natural competition on their home territory. A proud local, Mossy is delighted to promote this annual event.

Have a question? call Mick at 0412 656 548 for further information.

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