2015 ANB Central Coast Natural Physique Championships

2015 ANB Central Coast Natural Physique Championships

The Central Coast Championship is the last chance in NSW to compete before the Australian National Championships.

You must qualify to compete at the Australian Championships. If you want to perfect your posing, your stage performance, or you want to qualify to compete at the Australian Championships then this is your last chance to do so.

One Show Format | Optional Routines



  • Swimsuit Model Short
  • Swimsuit Model Tall
  • Female Fitness Model – Open
  • Male Fitness Model – Open
  • Male Muscle Model – Open
  • Open Bodybuilding
  • Figure Short
  • Figure Tall
  • Figure Grandmasters
  • Figure Novice
  • Junior
  • Under 70kg
  • Under 80kg
  • Under 90kg
  • Over 90kg
  • Novice Men Short (under 171cm)
  • Novice Men Tall (over 171 cm)
  • Masters
  • Grandmasters



  • Download forms from the ANB site
  • All competitors who are required to submit music for their own posing routine (now optional) must submit music in MP3 format only.
  • For weight classes weigh & registration is on Friday night at the Impact Centre Gym between 5.30pm and 7.00pm
  • Enter on the day of the event between 8.00am and 9.30am only.


Event Schedule

Weigh & Registration – Friday, 25 September, 2015 at the Impact Centre, 19 Chetwynd Road, Erina. 5.30pm to 7.00pm only.

At the event

  • Saturday: Registration 8.00am to 9.30am
  • Competitor Briefing: 10am
  • Event Start :10.30am
  • Running Order –



Get your tickets to our 2015 ANB Central Coast Natural Physique Championships where we expect a record number of Models, figure and bodybuilding competitors to showcase their physiques in a competition that will be sure to inspire and amaze.

Over the phone – Mick Moss 0412 656 658

  • Adult tickets $50 each
  • Children (Under ?) $15 each
  • Pre-Purchase Group of 10 tickets and save $40 each x 10 = $400
  • Tickets will be sent out via Australian Post Please register a valid postal address. Tickets will not be sent out 1 week prior to the event and will be held at the door.